Seed Fertilizer Spreader Gearbox
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Seed Fertilizer Spreader Gearbox

Minghua Made Seed fertilizer spreader gearbox was made by aluminum alloy die casting. With light weight but transfer big power between tractor and PTO shaft. The aluminum gearbox we manufactured had different configurations like sing output or double output shaft. Also we had great technical team can make OEM for your application in agriculture machine transmission parts. Please ask if you have any specific queries or require more in-depth details regarding a particular feature of the seed fertilizer spreader gearbox!

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Product Description

Introduction of Seed fertilizer spreader gearbox

When it comes to agricultural machinery used to evenly distribute seeds and fertilizer throughout a field, a seed fertilizer spreader gearbox is an essential part.

The main function of the seed fertilizer spreader gearbox is to transfer power to the spreading mechanism from the input source, which is typically a tractor-connected power take-off (PTO) shaft. This device, which typically consists of an auger or rotating disk, evenly distributes fertilizer and seeds across the cultivated area.

Data of Seed fertilizer spreader gearbox

Gear ratio


Max output power


Max output torque

9.9 daNm

Connection shaft

1-3/8 inch 6 teeth spline

Gearbox housing

Aluminum alloy casting

Net weight



Chemical fertiliser spreaders, Mowers,

Band saws

Ship condition

Ship without oil

Feature of Seed fertilizer spreader gearbox

Power Transmission: To enable precise and reliable spreading, the tractor's PTO power is effectively transferred to the spreading mechanism through the gearbox.

Adjustable Settings: A lot of seed fertilizer spreader gearboxes have settings that can be changed to regulate the spread's width and pace. This enables farmers to tailor the application to the particular needs of the soil and crops.

Durability: These gearboxes are made to be strong and resilient to the strains that come with regular use in a variety of field conditions, especially considering the harsh conditions of agricultural operations.

Maintenance: To guarantee the gearbox's longevity and peak performance, routine maintenance is necessary. This could involve changing worn-out components, inspecting the gears, and lubricating.

Compatibility: Gearboxes for seed fertilizer spreaders are made to work with a variety of spreader types and models. Farmers must make sure the gearbox fits the requirements of the particular spreader they are using.

Details of Seed fertilizer spreader gearbox

The seed fertilizer spreader is usually attached to a tractor by farmers, which guarantees a firm connection to the PTO shaft. When the gearbox is connected, the tractor's rotational energy is transferred to the spreading mechanism, which uniformly distributes fertilizer and seeds throughout the field.

To endure the harsh conditions of agricultural use, gearboxes are usually built of sturdy materials. Steel and cast iron are examples of common materials.

The PTO's rotational energy is converted by the gearbox's gearing mechanism into the appropriate speed and torque for the spreading mechanism.

Replaces 9.124.871.00, 9.124.871.10, 9.124.380.00, and JD 5RD4500214 (internal parts may differ, but external dimensions and ratio are the same).

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