PTO Shaft for Forage Mixer Wagon
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PTO Shaft for Forage Mixer Wagon

Minghua gear manufactured PTO Shaft for Forage Mixer Wagon is widely sells in America market. Not only supply PTO drivelines but also manufacture all parts, such as yokes, repair kits, shields, tubing, and shafting. As the product's producer, we provide you with a sturdy and long-lasting shaft that guarantees dependable operation from your farming machinery.

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Product Description

The PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft in a forage mixer wagon is essential for moving power from the tractor to the auger, mixing unit, and other attachments on the wagon. It is consequently necessary for the tractor's engine to power the wagon, making it a crucial part of the machine's successful and efficient operation. For the feed mixer wagon to operate safely and dependably, the PTO shaft must be properly chosen and maintained.

Data PTO Shaft for Forage Mixer Wagon

Yoke on tractor end

6 or 21 splines push pin yoke

Implement endyoke

6 splines push pin shear bolt type yoke ;


Triangular tube or lemon profile tube, star tube, round tube

Plastic guard 

Yellow or blackor customized

Minimum overall length

 600-1800mm or 27"-60" .

Cross joint


Rotate speed


Feature PTO Shaft for Forage Mixer Wagon

Design: A forage mixer wagon's PTO shaft has to be strong, dependable, and able to bear heavy loads and operating stresses.

Building materials: Generally, it is made of high-strength steel tubing and parts that are resistant to fatigue, torsion, and bending loads. The shaft is made with accuracy to ensure that the tractor and mixer wagon can both use it in terms of length and diameter.

Safety features: Many PTO shafts for forage mixer wagons incorporate safety features such as shear pins or nuts, which are meant to break or shear if the load on the mixer exceeds a specific level. This promotes safe operation by reducing the risk of damage to the tractor or PTO shaft.

Details of PTO Shaft for Forage Mixer Wagon

PTO drive shafts for feed mixers, flail shredders, tractors, square balers, round balers, post hole diggers, and discbines are designed with meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control. There are several uses for the PTO shaft, such as: Pulleys, Mixes, Hay balers, Post-hole excavators, mowing machines, Blowers for snow

Length: The PTO shaft's length is determined by the separation between the input shaft of the mixer wagon and the tractor's output shaft. To guarantee that the PTO shaft has the right length and will operate as intended, this distance needs to be measured precisely.

Two universal joints are normally included in the PTO shaft. These joints allow for angle adjustments and preserve the tractor and mixer wagon's alignment. In order to minimize wear and avoid injury, these joints need to be properly lubricated.

Shear bolts: A shear bolt, which is intended to break if the weight on the mixer surpasses a specific threshold, is also commonly included with the PTO shaft. In the case of a jam or overload, this helps shield the tractor and the PTO shaft from harm.

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