Bevel Gearbox for Grass Topper
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Bevel Gearbox for Grass Topper

Minghua gear is a manufacture of Bevel Gearbox for Grass Topper for more than 20 years. With gear forging workshop and CNC gear teeth machining system, processes like gear hobbing, shaping, and broaching can be completed. Being a top gearbox manufacturer, we are able to offer OEM service for your specific need. You are welcome to contact the reputable gearbox supplier with your inquiry.

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Product Description

Minghua gear Bevel Gearbox for Grass Topper is widely applied in agriculture machine market.

This agricultural gearbox, with a ratio of 1 to 2.83, is primarily utilized for grass topper applications. Cast iron housing, an alloy steel carburized bevel gear, and a drive shaft are used in this rotary cutter gearbox.

Bevel gears in gearboxes are driven at a straight angle.

The gearbox can produce 130 Nm of torque, 540 rpm of input speed, and 30 HP of input horsepower.

From 30 HP to 75 HP, Minghua gear can provide a wide variety of agriculture gearboxes.

Data of Bevel Gearbox for Grass Topper

Gear ratio

1: 2.83

Shaft diameter with cutter

28 mm(measured between the teeth)

Gearbox housing

Ductile Iron casting

Length of the shaft with the milling cutter

80 mm.

Diameter of the shaft with a wedge

33 mm.

Length of the shaft with the key

45 mm (measured without thread)

Gear heat treatment process


Feature of Bevel Gearbox for Grass Topper

Accuracy in Cutting:

With each pass, the Bevel Gearbox's precision cutting design guarantees a neat and uniform grass trim.

Enhanced Gear Architecture:

The gearbox's efficient power transmission and optimized gear design maximize the grass topper's cutting performance.

Sturdy Design:

The gearbox is made of sturdy materials to withstand the demands of grass cutting in a variety of terrains because it was designed with longevity in mind.

Silent and Efficient Functioning:

For a more enjoyable user experience, the Bevel Gearbox minimizes noise levels during grass cutting by ensuring quiet and smooth operation.

Effective Transmission of Power:

The gearbox maximizes the energy from the tractor or power source to the grass topper blades, optimizing cutting efficiency with a focus on effective power transfer.

Details of Bevel Gearbox for Grass Topper

1. High rigidity ductile iron casting is used to make the gearbox housing; 

2. High purity alloy steel 20CrMnTi is used to make the bevel gears, which are used for carburizing, quenching, and grinding; 

3. High purity alloy steel 40Cr is used to make the shaft, which has a high hanging load capacity.

4. Bearing: outfitted with a heavy-duty tapered roller bearing;

5. Oil seal: a double lip oil seal that is imported and capable of leaking both oil and dust.

These gearboxes can be replacement implement part to use on rotary mower like WAC, HawkLine, Behlen, International Machinery, Tarter Gate, Midwest Mfg, Servis Rhino, Frontier, Land Pride, Taylor Pittsburg and many more.

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