Ratchet Gear for Tractor
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Ratchet Gear for Tractor

Minghua Gear made Helical Ratchet Gear for Tractor is widely used in agriculture industry. In addition to PTO drive tractors, we also manufacture shafts and gears for harvesters and tillage machines. Welcome to contact with us if any OEM service is need. We can manufacture very precise gears based on the drawings and samples provided by our clients.

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Product Description

A helical ratchet gear is a type of gear that involves angled teeth that create a helix. The teeth of a helical ratchet gear are inclined in such a way that they engage with another gear or a pawl to allow motion in one direction only.

Helical Ratchet gear for tractor Data


8620steel, 20CrMnTi, 18CrNiMo…etc.

Gear tooth Profile

Helical gear

Gear tooth process

Hobbing, shaping, grinding …etc.

Heat treatment process

Carburizing, harden…etc.


Agriculture machine like PTO tractor, transplant machine.

Helical Ratchet gear for tractor feature

Teeth angle: Compared to a conventional gear, the teeth on a helical ratchet gear have a different angle. Because of the angle of the teeth, there is less wear and tear on the gears as a result of smoother and more effective interaction with other gears.

Load capacity: Compared to other gear types, helical ratchet gears have a higher load capacity because of their larger tooth surface area. Better durability and increased torque transmission are made possible by this.

Helical Ratchet gear for tractor Details

1. Material: 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo, 18CrNiMo etc.

2.: 400mm max O.D.;  M0.4-M32 Modular.

3. Surface Treatment: Sandblasting, black oxide, phosphatizing, galvanizing, or as per your specifications.

4. Heat treatment methods include nitriding, normalizing, carburizing and quenching, induction hardening, and hardening and tempering.

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