Agriculture Finish Mower Gearbox
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Agriculture Finish Mower Gearbox

Minghua Gear is a China supplier of Agriculture Finish Mower Gearbox. Based on last 30 years manufacturing experience we had full capability to make different kind of gearbox. Like rotary cutter, rotary tiller, grain harvester, axle drives assembly…etc. With more than 1200employees we had the capability of 200000pcs gearbox output per year.

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Product Description

A 90-degree gearbox for agriculture. In order to transmit power at a right angle, agricultural equipment frequently uses these gearboxes. Applications for them include finishing mowers, rotary cutters, and other farm equipment.

Data of Agriculture Finish Mower Gearbox

Gearbox housing

Ductile iron QT450

Rated power

75 Horse power

Gear ratio


Input shaft design

1-3/8 inch 6 spline input shaft

Output shaft design

Taper spline shaft

Gear teeth type

Bevel gear

Shaft Rotation

clockwise or counterclockwise

Ship condition

Ship without oil

Feature of Agriculture Finish Mower Gearbox

Generally speaking, 90-degree agriculture gearboxes are made to be strong and able to withstand the hard conditions of agricultural labor. To endure the strains involved with heavy-duty applications, they are frequently built with premium materials.

The efficient transfer of power from the source (such as the power take-off or PTO of a tractor) to the agricultural tool is the responsibility of the gearbox. Flexibility in equipment arrangement and functionality is made possible by the right-angle design.

The longevity and correct operation of the gearbox depend on routine maintenance. This can entail lubricating, checking gears, and fixing any wear and tear to avoid malfunctions during crucial agricultural tasks.

Details of Agriculture Finish Mower Gearbox

Numerous pieces of agricultural machinery, such as rotary cutters, finishing mowers, and other tools for planting, harvesting, and soil cultivation, use these gearboxes. They aid in making the machinery's layout and design more efficient.

Based on the unique needs of various kinds of agricultural machinery, 90-degree agriculture gearboxes may differ in terms of design and specifications. To accommodate a range of applications, manufacturers may provide a variety of models.

To guarantee correct installation and upkeep, it's crucial to refer to the manufacturer's specifications and instructions when thinking about purchasing or purchasing a 90-degree agriculture gearbox. Furthermore, compliance with safety protocols is essential for averting mishaps and guaranteeing the effective functioning of farming machinery.

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