PTO Shaft for Farm Tractor
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PTO Shaft for Farm Tractor

Minghua Gear made T8 Series PTO Shaft for Farm Tractor is widely export to North America. We’re a contemporary company that specializes in the design, manufacture, distribution, and servicing of agricultural components, such as gearboxes and PTO shafts. Also support OEM manufacturing for client.

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Product Description

Minghua gear PTO Shaft for Farm Tractor is warmly welcomed in the agriculture machine market.

A mechanical device called a Power Take-Off shaft (PTO shaft) is used to transfer power from a tractor or other power source to an attached tool, like a mower, tiller, or baler. The PTO shaft is normally located at the back of the tractor and is powered by the engine through the transmission.

The PTO shaft's main role is to provide the implement with a rotating power source so that it can perform its intended function. A universal joint is used to connect the implement to the PTO shaft, enabling movement between the tractor and the implement while preserving a steady power transfer.

Data PTO Shaft for Farm Tractor

Shaft material

1045 steel

Horse power


Tube models

Triangular tube, Lemon tube, Star tube… etc.

Yoke models

Triangular yoke, Lemon yoke, Star yoke… etc.

Power input

PTO driven shaft



Production Capacity

30000pcs per month


Processing of Agricultural Products, Infrastructure for Farmland, Harvesting, Tillage, Planting and Fertilization, Grain Threshing, Cleaning and Drying

Feature of PTO Shaft for Farm Tractor

PTO shafts are available in several varieties, such as normal 540 RPM or 1000 RPM, contingent upon the requirements of the tractor and the tools being utilized.

The PTO shaft has splines at both ends, and the configuration of these splines is tailored to match the requirements of the tractor and the implement. The 6-spline and 21-spline configurations are two common spline kinds.

PTO shafts come in a range of widths and lengths to suit different tractor models and take into account the variations in the distances between the tractor and its implements.

Safety guards or shields are installed on PTO shafts to keep operators safe from moving parts. Safety rules frequently mandate the use of these shields, which improve safety during operation.

Customized manufacture is provided, welcome to contact with us for any OEM inquiry.

Details of PTO Shaft for Farm Tractor

Power Take-Off (PTO) shafts on farm tractors are essential parts that transmit power from the tractor to different tools and attachments. Certain elements are included into these shafts to guarantee their effectiveness, safety, and suitability for a variety of agricultural machinery.

Quick attach/detach mechanisms are a common feature of PTO shafts, making it easy and quick to connect and disconnect tools.

Some PTO shafts contain an overrunning clutch or freewheel device. This keeps the tractor and implement safe from harm by enabling the implement to spin freely when the tractor is stopped.

PTO shafts are made to support particular torque and power demands. It is important to match the tractor's and the associated implements' power requirements with the PTO shaft's load capability.

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