PTO Shaft for Broadcast Seeder
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PTO Shaft for Broadcast Seeder

Minghua gear produced PTO Shaft for Broadcast Seeder with various configurations. Usually connect with tractor and agriculture machines. Like rotary tiller, rotary cutter, rotary mower, grain harvester, post hole digger…etc. As one of leading manufacturer of PTO shaft we owned a lot of steady market in America and Euro. Welcome to contact with us to buy your satisfied PTO shaft.

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Product Description

Minghua PTO Shaft for Broadcast Seeder is popular used in agriculture machinery.

A mechanical method of transferring rotational power and torque from the engine (usually through the transmission) to your tractor's implement or attachment is the Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft. The transmission, which was located at the rear of the tractor, drove the majority of the early PTOs, making an output shaft easily accessible.  

Data of PTO Shaft for Broadcast Seeder


T02 series PTO shaft

Guard color

Black or yellow as per request

PTO shaft length

788mm or as per request

PTO shaft tubing

Triangle tube or lemon tube or star tube.

Rotation speed

540rpm or 1000rpm

Inner tube material



Forage harvester, grain harvester, mixer wagon.

Feature of PTO Shaft for Broadcast Seeder

PTO shafts are available in a variety of sizes and types. It is crucial that the shaft you choose fits the requirements of the seeder and the tractor. The two most common sizes of PTO shafts are 540 RPM and 1000 RPM. Standard and metric sizes are available.

Safety Features: When working with PTO shafts, safety must always come first. Seek for features that guard against unintentional contact with moving parts, such as a safety shield. An appropriately guarded PTO shaft lowers the possibility of accidents.

Some PTO shafts feature a telescoping design that makes length adjustments simple. When connecting the shaft between the tractor and the seeder—especially if their distances are different—this can be helpful.

Quick-Connect Mechanism: Attaching and removing the PTO shaft is made simpler by a quick-connect mechanism. This can improve overall efficiency by saving time during setup and removal.

Details of PTO Shaft for Broadcast Seeder

Durability: Heavy-duty agricultural use places demands on PTO shafts, which is why they should be strong and resilient. Seek for shafts composed of premium materials that are resistant to rust and wear.

Maintenance Requirements: Take into account the PTO shaft's maintenance needs. To guarantee longevity and peak performance, it's crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations, some of which may call for routine lubrication.

Make sure the PTO shaft is compatible with the input of the seeder as well as the PTO output of the tractor. Incompatibility may cause mechanical problems and equipment damage.

Simple Installation: It is advantageous to have a user-friendly design that makes it simple to install and remove the PTO shaft. Operators can be helped by clear markings and instructions to connect and disconnect the shaft correctly.

Balancing: A properly balanced PTO shaft lessens stress and vibrations in the tractor and seeder. For the equipment to operate smoothly overall, balancing is essential.

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