Post Bore Digger Gearbox
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Post Bore Digger Gearbox

Minghua Gear made Post Bore Digger Gearbox for landscaping machines. Positive client feedback will result in ongoing orders. We also had additional right angle gearboxes for rotary mowers, rotary tillers, etc., in addition to this model. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, our goal is to offer clients worldwide with exceptional quality products.

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Product Description

A part of a machine used to drill holes in the ground for fence posts, crop support posts, signposts, and other similar uses is called a post hole digger gearbox.

The auger, the instrument that actually digs the hole, receives energy from the motor through the gearbox. Many gears grouped in a housing make up a post-hole digger gearbox, which helps to boost the torque output to the auger while lowering the engine speed.

Data of Post Bore Digger Gearbox

Gearbox housing

Cast iron housing

Input Shaft

1 1/4" Round w/ Shear Bolt.



Auger sizes

from 6”–18”

Gearbox Warranty

12 months

Connect way to tractor

Connect by PTO shaft

Feature of Post Bore Digger Gearbox

High torque output: The gearbox is designed to increase the motor's torque output, enabling the digging of wide, deep holes.

Robust design: The gearbox is made to resist the severe abrasions and strains that come with drilling holes in hard soil.

Compatibility with many drill bit sizes: Depending on the requirements of the user, post hole digger gearboxes can hold a variety of drill bit sizes.

Simple operation: The gearbox's ergonomic form and light weight make it simple for the user to move about and utilize.

Low maintenance: Post-hole digger gearboxes may be made with a minimum amount of maintenance requirements in mind, which means that little downtime is necessary for maintenance.

Details of Post Bore Digger Gearbox

Minghua gear offers a post hole digger gearbox to suit your demands, whether you need to drill holes for posts, tree plantings, structural support members, or other operations.

— Tough gearbox design

— Shear pin driveline protection

— Special alloy pinion gears with tapered roller bearings on both sides of each gear

Agribusiness Gearbox for Preparing Soil

Gearboxes for equipment used for small agricultural activities, soil preparation and crop treatment.

Gearbox for Post Hole Digger in Agriculture

Post-Hole Digger Gearbox, Post-Hole Digger Gearbox

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