Bevel Gearboxes for Rotary Cutters
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Bevel Gearboxes for Rotary Cutters

Minghua Gear is a manufacturer of replacement components for agricultural equipment and machinery, and also provides a selection of bevel gearboxes for rotary cutters. Their gearboxes are available in a range of sizes and configurations, and they are renowned for their quality and dependability. Encourage OEM customization in both design and production.

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Product Description

A rotary cutter bevel gearbox is a vital part of agricultural equipment. Its purpose is to transfer power from the tractor's power take-off (PTO) to the cutter's rotating blades.

The configuration can be one input shaft with one output shaft called L model gearbox.

Or one input shaft with two output shaft called T model gearbox.

Please choose as per your rotary cutter needs.

Bevel Gearboxes for Rotary Cutters data

Type of application

Speed increasing unit

Input power rate

30Cv-22Kw (540RPM)

Output torque




Rotation direction

By looking "into" the moving parts (shaft, pulley, or sprocket), with the gearbox behind the component, the rotation is characterized as either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Net weight


Horsepower: 75

*For 5 ft, 6 ft rotary cutters

*Outside rotation: clockwise or counterclockwise with no modifications

*Housing construction: Ductile iron

*21 splines input shaft: 1-3/8 in.

*Output shaft 2 in. 15 Spline

*Gear type: Bevel gear

*Bolt pattern: (4) 3/4" diameter holes on a 8 in. bolt circle

*Gear ratio: 1:1.71

*Input Shaft centre to the base flange is 7.06"

*Output shaft length from the base flange is 7.85"

*Shipped dry, please add 16OZ 80-90W gear lube before using

*Weight: 75lbs

Bevel Gearboxes for Rotary Cutters features and applications

Durability: The high-quality materials used to make the rotary cutter gearbox, such as hardened steel, provide long-lasting performance.

Gear ratio: Depending on the rotary cutter's size and intended use, a rotary cutter gearbox's gear ratio usually ranges from 1:1.46 to 1:1.93.

Power input: Depending on the size and use of the rotary cutter, the gearbox can have an input power of 15–250 HP.

Output shaft: The gearbox produces the power needed to rotate the blades using a single output shaft design.

Application of rotary cutter gearboxes.

Lawn care machines, forestry machines, landscaping machines and related agriculture machines.

Bevel Gearboxes for Rotary Cutters details

Gearboxes for rotary cutters are a crucial part of agricultural equipment that is used to cut and remove dense growth.

The housing use ductile iron and formed by foundry process.

The gears use forging process to keep the completely metallographic structure.

The gears and pinions will be heat treated by in house control.

Before shipping, a 100% leak test is performed on the gearbox.

Single output or double output shaft configuration is available for choose.

Painting color can be selected as per client’s requirement.

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