Bevel Gearbox for Slasher Mowers
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Bevel Gearbox for Slasher Mowers

Minghua gear is an expert manufacturer of Bevel gearbox for Slasher Mowers In addition, we manufacture several different kinds of agricultural gearboxes, including post-hole digger gearboxes, rotary tiller gearboxes, lawn mower gearboxes, rotary cutter gearboxes, and fertilizer spreader gearboxes. With competent technical team to give with OEM supplies for you.

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Product Description

Minghua produced LF-211J Bevel gearbox for Slasher mowers is developed for usage in agricultural applications. It is a high-performance gearbox made to transfer power to rotary mowers in a dependable and effective manner.

Made of premium materials like cast iron housing and high-strength steel, the LF-211J rotary mower gearbox is compact in design.

Data of Bevel gearbox for Slasher mowers

Gear ratio


Speed change way

Speed Increaser

Input shaft design

1-3/8 inch 6 teeth spline shaft

Output shaft design

33mm taper spline shaft

Input speed


Max Output Power


Oil SAE viscosity grade


Unit weight


Feature of Bevel gearbox for Slasher mowers

One crucial part that aids in the transfer of power from the engine to the mower's blades is the gearbox, sometimes referred to as the power take-off (PTO) gearbox for rotary mowers. In order to operate the mower blades, the gearbox converts the engine's output shaft's rotating motion into a rotary motion with a higher torque and slower speed.

Because rotary mower gearboxes are compatible with a variety of engines, customers can customize them to fit a range of mower models and combinations.

Details of Bevel gearbox for Slasher mowers

1.Housing: The gearbox's exterior shell, made by durable cast iron.It protect the inside gears and shaft from dustings.

2. Input shaft: Made by high quality steel material like 40Cr or 20CrMnTi which is receiving power from PTO shaft and transfer power to output end.

3. Output shaft: Made by carbon steel with durable use because it joins the rotary mower and transfers power to the cutting blades.

4. Gears: Heated treated by carburization to HRC58-62 hardness. Use carbon steel like 8620steel or 20CrMnTi. Power is transferred from the input shaft to the output shaft via the gears, which are internal parts of the rotary mower gearbox.

5. Bearings: The purpose of the bearings is to lower friction and provide loading to the rotating shafts.

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