Angular Gearbox for Rotary Slasher
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Angular Gearbox for Rotary Slasher

A manufacturer called Minghua specializes in making Angular Gearbox for Rotary Slasher that are used in agricultural settings. The special capacity of angular gearboxes for rotary slashers allows them to transfer power from the PTO (Power Take-Off) shaft to the rotating cutting blades at an angle. We could manufacture everything in-house, from the roughness of the forging to the final items at our facilities. Additionally, we may create a bespoke gearbox to meet your needs.Please contact us if you have any OEM requests.

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Product Description

Angular gearbox is a crucial component in rotary slashers, also known as rotary cutters or brush hogs. Agricultural tools called rotary slashers are used to clear and cut vegetation from fields, pastures, and other outdoor areas. The efficiency and performance of a rotary slasher are improved by the addition of an angular gearbox.

Data of Angular Gearbox for Rotary Slasher

Gear ratio


Gear type

Straight bevel gear

Housing material

Ductile iron QT450

Max. output power

20 Hp

Input shaft

1-3/8 Inch 6 teeth spline shaft

Output Shaft

1 1/4 inch Round Bore with 1/4 inch Keyway

Oil SAE viscosity grade


Max. oil capacity

0.8 L




Rotary cutter, rotary mower, flasher mower



Feature of AngularGearbox for Rotary Slasher

Angular Gearbox Features:

The purpose of an angular gearbox is to transmit power from the tractor's power take-off (PTO) to the cutting blades of the rotary slasher.

It permits a ninety-degree reversal of the power transmission direction, allowing the rotary slasher to function at an angle while keeping the power flow straight.

Adaptability in Angle of Cutting:

Operators can change the rotary slasher blades' cutting angle by using an angular gearbox. This adaptability makes it possible to precisely regulate the cutting height and direction, which improves vegetation management.

Fit for a Variety of Tractors:

Angular gearboxes are made to work with a variety of tractors, giving farmers and operators the option to use the equipment with various makes and models.

Because of thee, rotary slashers with angular gearboxes are useful equipment for proficient and successful vegetation control in farming environments.

Details of Angular Gearbox forRotary Slasher

This 211 Gearbox is your go-to option if you want your sports field or lawn to look professionally manicured. This gearbox, which is precision-engineered and long-lasting, is the best option for homeowners, sports field managers, and landscaping experts looking to achieve a flawless finish.

This gearbox is a flexible addition to your lawn care equipment because it is made to work effortlessly with a variety of finishing mowers. This gearbox guarantees a precise fit, so no complicated adjustments are required, regardless of the type of mower you own, including Land Pride models.

The ratio of the gearbox is 1: 2.82. The 1 3/8" 6 Spline input shaft.

A 1 1/4" round shaft with a 1/4" keyway rotates in a clockwise direction to be the output shaft. The following Land Price Finishing Mower models are compatible with this gearbox: AT2560, AT2572, FDR2548, FDR2560, FDR2572, FD1548, FD1560, FD2548, FD2560, FD2572.

It fits various models and brands. Before placing an order, please confirm the specifications.

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