Angular Gearbox for Grain Cart
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Angular Gearbox for Grain Cart

Minghua Gear takes pride in being a grain cart supplier of angular gearboxes. We are a contemporary company that specializes in the design, manufacture, distribution, and maintenance of agricultural components, such as gearboxes and PTO shafts. Advanced technics, strong self-development power, capacity to make new type gearbox according to customer's design drawings.

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Product Description

One kind of gearbox that functions at an angle is the angular gearbox. Grain carts and other agricultural equipment frequently use it. On a farm, a grain cart is a kind of trailer used to move grain or other supplies. It is intended to be towed by an agricultural vehicle, such as a tractor.

Grain cart angular gearboxes are made to be small and durable, yet they nevertheless transfer power effectively.

Data of Angular Gearbox for Grain Cart

Gear Ratio


Max input power


Output power


Rated input speed


Output shaft

Inner hexagonal sleeve

Input shaft

1-3/8 inch spline shaft

Housing material

Cast iron

Replacement Comer Numbers,,

Feature of Angular Gearbox for Grain Cart

1. High torque output

2. Sturdy, affordable, dependable, and safe

3. Quiet operation and a stable transmission

4. High strength, compact design: the gear and gear shaft use gas carbonization, quenching, and fine grinding processes, and the box body is made of high strength cast iron. As a result, the bearing capacity per unit volume is high.

5. Extended lifespan: Provided the appropriate kind is selected and maintained regularly, the major sections gearbox's lifespan (apart from wearable components) ought to be at least 20,000 hours.

6. Low noise: The gearbox has low noise since its major components are treated and put through rigorous testing.

Details of Angular Gearbox for Grain Cart

Type of angle: Grain cart angular gearboxes are made with a particular angle in mind so that the proper shaft alignment is maintained throughout operation. The angle depends on the particular needs of the grain cart and is usually between 30 and 60 degrees.

The gearbox is equipped with input and output shafts. The input shaft is connected to the tractor or other vehicle, while the output shaft is connected to the cart. For a precise and dependable fit, the gearbox's input and output shafts are usually constructed with spline connections.

Gear ratio: The angular gearbox's gear ratio controls the output torque and speed. Usually, the gear ratio is selected to meet the unique needs of the grain cart, including the volume of grain and the pace at which unloading is to occur.

Video of grain cart gearbox.

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