Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Mower
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Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Mower

Minghua gear produce Agriculture gearbox for rotary mower with many models. Gearbox with one output or double output shaft depends on application of agriculture machines. With full manufacture process of gearbox machining we had CNCs, gear shaping, gear hobbing, teeth broaching machines…etc. We are one of leading agriculture gearbox supplier in China. Wish to get connect with you and cooperate on gearbox orders.

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Product Description

Minghua made Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Mower with many configurations.

In agricultural terms, an angular gearbox is a gearbox that is intended to transfer power angularly between a power source (like the power take-off or PTO of a tractor) and agricultural machinery (like rotary mowers, tillers, or other implements). The word "angular" refers to the gearbox's ability to transfer power at an angle—typically 90 degrees or another particular angle—to meet the needs of the machinery.

Data of Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Mower

Gearbox case material

Ductile iron casting housing QT400

Gear ratio

1: 1.45

Input shaft

Spline shaft

Output shaft

Taper spline shaft

Gear material


Net weight


Rated input power


Output torque


Input speed


Feature of Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Mower

By transmitting power at particular angles, angular gearboxes facilitate the efficient transfer of rotational motion from the input shaft to the output shaft.

Different types of gears, such as spiral or bevel gears, can be used by angular gearboxes to achieve the necessary angular power transmission. Performance and efficiency can be affected by the type of gear selected.

These gearboxes are used in a variety of agricultural equipment applications where an angular connection between the equipment and the power source is necessary. They could be used, for instance, in tandem with augers, rotary mowers, or other tools.

Details of Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Mower

Agricultural gearboxes, particularly angular ones, must be robust to endure the demanding and difficult conditions that are frequently present in agricultural operations. They ought to be able to support the weights connected to particular tools.

The ideal ratio of speed to torque may need to be provided by the angular gearbox, depending on the particular agricultural task. The requirements of the equipment the gearbox is paired with should be taken into consideration when choosing it.

Making sure the angular gearbox is compatible with the agricultural tool and the power source (such as the tractor PTO) is crucial. Efficient power transmission and correct operation are guaranteed by compatibility.

The gearbox fits Finish Mower Models : AFM4011, AFM4014, AFM4016, AFM4211, AFM4214, AFM4216, AFM4522, AFM40133, AFM40168, AFM40200, AT258.

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