Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Cutter
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Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Cutter

Minghua Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Cutter is hot sales in North America and Euro market. The manufactured gearbox quantity is more than 200000pcs per year. As a full experienced supplier of gearboxes we had full capacity to take OEM development works. Welcome buyers to send inquiry to us freely.

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Product Description

Minghua gear made Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Cutter with many different configurations.

Right angle gearbox is a mechanical device that reverses the direction of power transmission by 90 degrees. It is also referred to as a 90-degree gearbox or a right-angle gear drive. Usually, it is made up of bevel gears arranged so that the output and input shafts are perpendicular to one another.

Data of Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Cutter

Gearbox housing

Cast iron GGG450

Rated Power

60Horse power

Input speed


Input Shaft A

1 3/8 inch 6 teeth spline shaft

Output Shaft (B)

15 taper Spline shaft

Gear Ratio

1 : 1.93 

Rotation direction


Unit net weight


Max. oil change interval


Feature of Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Cutter

A vital part of rotary cutters, sometimes referred to as brush hogs or bush hogs, are agriculture gearboxes. These gearboxes are made to transfer power from the tractor's power take-off (PTO) to the rotary cutter's blades, allowing the cutter to cut through thick brush and vegetation.

Speed and Ratio:

Different gearbox ratios are available to regulate the rotary cutter blade speed. Effective cutting performance is ensured by the proper ratio.

Strength Classification:

The tractor's PTO power output should be compatible with the gearbox's power rating. Choosing a gearbox that can manage the power needs of the particular rotary cutter is essential.


Make sure the gearbox is appropriate for the particular rotary cutter model and brand you are using. PTO requirements can vary depending on the cutter.

Details of Agriculture Gearbox for Rotary Cutter

Fitting Rotary Cutters models LF-140A, LF-140J, and LF-17A was this replacement gearbox.

1:1.93 is the gearbox ratio. There is a 1-3/8" 6 spline input shaft.

The gearbox rotates in a counterclockwise (CCW) direction and is rated for 60 horsepower at 540 rpm.

The tapered splines on the output shaft require a separate order for the bushing.

The 15 Spline Bushing U0139700000 is included.

203.2 mm is the mounting pattern.

Castle nut and oil seal are included with this gearbox.

Prior to ordering, kindly confirm fitment.

Substitute gearbox forTOP8SFHD, TOP9HDIN, and TOP9T Fleming Grass Toppers.

Note that gearboxes are supplied devoid of oil!

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