Rear Axles for Combine Harvesters
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Rear Axles for Combine Harvesters

Minghua Gear manufactures a variety of rear axles for combine harvesters. Such as high-capacity axles appropriate for heavy-duty harvesting, those are tailored to the unique requirements of combine harvesters. Our factory is known for creating rear axles of the highest caliber that are dependable, effective, and long-lasting.

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Product Description

Rear axles for Combine Harvesters are essential parts of agriculture machine.Because they transfer power from the engine and gearbox to the wheels.

They are crucial in making it easier to travel around the field and in offering superior steering and control.

Rear Axles for Combine Harvesters data

Gear shift range

Stage I

Stage II

Stage III

Stage R

Speed ratio





Clutch type

Diaphragm spring clutch


Wheat and corn combine harvester

Max input torque


Apply machine loading

10 tons and below

Rear Axles for Combine Harvesters feature and application

(1) Changing from sliding gear shifting to meshing sleeve gear shifting reduces shifting impact and noise, makes shifting light and flexible.

(2) Referencing car gear shifting mechanisms, using soft shaft shifting and top cover shifting to facilitate gear shifting lightweight and flexible gear selection.

(3) Adopting a large capacity diaphragm spring clutch with high input torque.

(4) Strengthening the first and half shafts to improve the reliability of the drive axle assembly;

(5) This drive axle can be equipped with a clutch that can be cancelled and an HST structure added, greatly improving the reliability of the entire machine and increasing the efficiency of the harvester by about 30%.

Numerous types of vehicles, such as cars, lorries, buses, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery, employ rear drive axles. A rear drive axle's main function is to transfer power from the transmission to the wheels so that the car may move forward.

Rear Axles for Combine Harvesters details

Use all contact gear shift mechanism to extend use life.

Cancel clutch broaden the HST(static hydraulic)drive axle constructors.

Housing axle body machined by horizontal CNC to make stronger reliability.

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