Front Drive Axle for Rice Planter
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Front Drive Axle for Rice Planter

Minghua gear is a manufacture of Front Drive Axle for Rice Planter more than 20years. The goal of Wenling Minghua gear is to revitalize the national brand by "making excellent agricultural machinery transmission parts" with high starting point, high standard, and high efficiency. Minghua Gear factory make both front and rear axles assembly. With gear shift differential inside.

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Product Description

Minghua gear front drive axle for rice planter is hot sales in both domestic and aboard.

A type of axle commonly used in four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles is the front drive axle. It is in charge of sending power from the engine to the car's front wheels.

The front driving axle of a rice planter is probably utilized to propel and regulate the machine's motion as it passes across the fields.

Front Drive Axle for Rice Planter data



Gear type

Differential gearbox

Gear ratio

4 shifts, shift1 =94.73, shift 2=71.17, shift 3=29.77, shift 4=23.31

Driving method

Ride (four-wheel drive)

Match engine power

18.5KW (25 PS)

Gearbox housing

Aluminum material

Steering construction

Planetary construction

Front Drive Axle for Rice Planter feature

1. The product has a four-wheel drive front and rear axle structure and good walking adaptability.

2. The whole machine has optimized design, compact structure and good reliability.

3. The steering mechanism adopts a planetary mechanism. The steering is light and easy to operate. The steering mechanism is equipped with a position sensor.The device can detect the steering angle and facilitate remote control operation of the whole machine.

4. The front axle transmission part adopts meshing sleeve type shifting, which has small shifting impact and long service life.

Front Drive Axle for Rice Planter details

Durability: The mud, dust, and debris found in agriculture are no match for the front drive axles of rice planters.

Four-wheel drive capability: Front drive axles are made to accommodate this function because the majority of rice planters need it for improved traction and performance in the fields.

Variable speeds: To meet the rice planter's speed needs under various circumstances, the front drive axle must provide a range of speeds.

High torque capacity: A front drive axle needs to be able to provide a lot of torque in order to power a rice planter when it is heavily laden, as they are big machines.

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