Drive Axle Assembly for Agriculture Machine
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Drive Axle Assembly for Agriculture Machine

Minghua Gear has been producing drive axle assembly for agriculture machine with more than 30 years. Axles for defense and off-highway applications, as well as axles for light, medium, and heavy duty drives, front steer axles, and non-drive axles, with dependability and longevity. We employ the strictest quality control procedures as an OEM manufacturer and supplier to provide dependable, seamless performance under all driving circumstances.

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Product Description

Minghua Gear drive axle assembly for agriculture machine is good choice for corn harvester.With speed shift of high and low change helps harvesters working more efficiently.

Suit for different type row of corn harvester machine.For more choice welcome to contact with us.

Drive Axle Assembly for Agriculture Machine data

Speed ratio

Low end

High end



Hub reduction


Matching machine type

Standard 5-row corn harvester with a weight under 8 tons.

Total length


Drive Axle Assembly for Agriculture Machine feature and application

(1) Wide transmission range and easy to operate due to the combination of HMT stepless

speed changing structure and gearbox; use double disc brakes to provide good braking effect and long lifespan. With the addition of manual brake assembly, it greatly improves the security and reliability of the whole machine, increasing harvester efficiency by 20-30%.

(2) Use special enclosed external gearing hub reduction gearbox with low cost and high

reliability, solve the problem of high failure rate of open hub reducer on the market; the housing of end transmission box has an integral structure and is easy to maintain.

(3)HMT stepless transmission, main gearbox, hub reduction gearbox, front axle and other

components are assembled into sub-assemblies to provide high overall precision and facilitate the installation and maintenance of whole machine.

A vital part of agricultural machinery, drive axle assemblies have several uses in farming and the agricultural sector. The drive axle assembly is used in the following agricultural machinery applications: tractors, Harvesters, Spreaders, Combines, Irrigation Equipment, Plows…etc.

Drive Axle Assembly for Agriculture Machine details

Housing material: The longevity, weight, and repairability of the drive axle assembly are influenced by the housing material. Steel and cast iron are common materials for the housing.

Material and shaft size: The purpose of the machine determines the shaft size. Stainless steel, alloy steel, or carbon steel are possible materials for the shaft.

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