Spur Gears for Planetary Reducer
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Spur Gears for Planetary Reducer

To satisfy a variety of client needs, Minghua Gear produces spur gears for Planetary Reducer in a range of module sizes, materials, tooth profiles, and other parameters. As a reliable supplier, we can offer top-notch goods, prompt delivery, and technical assistance.

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Product Description

Minghua gear made Spur Gears for Planetary Reducer employed as the driving and driven gears. To transfer torque and power through the planetary gear set, the spur gears cooperate with the planetary gears, sun gear, and ring gear.

Multiple planetary gears, or "planets," which are mounted on a carrier that revolves around a central axis, mesh with the sun gear.

Spur Gears for Planetary Reducer data




As per requirement

Teeth process



20CrMnTi, 20CrMo, 40CrMo, …etc.

Heat treatment

Temper and quench, Carburization, nitriding…etc.


Excavator, crane, loader…etc. construction machine.

Spur Gears for Planetary Reducer feature &application

Spur gears are a kind of straightforward and effective gear that function effectively in many different mechanical systems. The exact application requirements as well as elements like torque transmission, efficiency, speed, and noise level will determine which spur gears are best.

Automotive transmissions frequently employ spur gears to supply the vehicle's wheels with the power and torque they require.

Industrial Machinery: Conveyors, pumps, and machine tools are just a few of the many pieces of machinery that use spur gears. They frequently supply a lot of torque at slow speeds.

Spur Gears for Planetary Reducer details

A planetary reducer's spur gears need to be carefully chosen in order to provide effective power transmission and a long lifespan. Here are some specifics about the spur gears that are utilized in planetary reducers.

Tooth Profile, Pressure Angle, Pitch Diameter…etc.

The choice of spur gear is contingent upon several aspects pertaining to the particular application, as well as the overall gear system design and other relevant components.

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