Gear Shaft for Excavator
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Gear Shaft for Excavator

Minghua gear manufacture a wide range of gear shaft for excavators, along with planetary gears, swing gears, and final drive gears. With over thirty years of expertise, has cooperated with original equipment manufacturers with OEM supplies. To discuss your task, please contact our knowledgeable staff at any time.

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Product Description

Minghua gear shaft for excavator is widely used on construction machines.An excavator's gear shaft is an essential part that helps with power transmission and permits the machine's many movements and operations.

Many different kinds of construction equipment frequently use a swing gear pinion shaft. An industry engine, gasoline, a generator set, a rotary drilling rig (foundation drill), a track-type tractor, and a hydraulic excavator are a few examples.

Gear Shaft for Excavator data

Gearing Arrangement

Shaft gear

Product name

Swing Drive Shaft


20CrMo, 40CrMo,42CrMo,20MnCr5…etc.

Heat treatment

Carburization, gas nit riding, tempering, induction…etc.

Gear machining

Hobbing, shaping, shaving, broaching, grinding …etc.


Construction machine spare parts, excavator transmission part.

Gear Shaft for Excavator feature and applications

Power Transmission: The excavator's gear shaft is essential in transferring power from the engine to its various parts. It facilitates the transfer of rotational energy and torque to power necessary operations.

Gear Shaft Types:

The main shaft serves as the main link between the engine and the transmission system. It is in charge of transferring engine power to the excavator's other gear systems.

Counter Shaft: The counter shaft assists in distributing power to the machine's various components by cooperating with the main shaft. It is an essential part of the entire transmission system and may have several gears.

Composition and Materials:

High-strength alloy steels are usually used to make gear shafts in order to withstand the heavy loads and stresses that come with operating an excavator.

For optimal performance and precise gear engagement, precision machining is essential.

Gear Shaft for Excavator details

Mechanism of Gearing:

Excavators frequently use gear shafts with a system of gears of differing sizes to regulate the torque and speed of various operations. Excavator operations are made more versatile by this gearing mechanism.

Control and Motion:

The boom, arm, and bucket of an excavator are among the parts whose movements are managed by the gear shaft. Precise manipulation of these movements is made possible by varying gear ratios and configurations.

Upkeep and Greasing:

To guarantee that the gear shaft is operating properly, regular maintenance is required. This could entail performing wear and tear inspections, lubricating moving parts, and fixing any problems that might impair functionality.

Hydraulics Integration:

The gear shaft in contemporary excavators functions with hydraulic systems to regulate different movements. The operations of the excavator can be precisely and efficiently controlled thanks to this integration.

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