Spline Shaft for Grain Harvester
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Spline Shaft for Grain Harvester

We manufacture Spline Shaft for Grain Harvester in accordance with your precise requirements. Both nonferrous and ferrous materials can be used to make splined shafts. They may have a spline that is shaped or hobbed. With hundreds of gear teeth machine CNCs.We had full capability to manufacture different kinds of gears.

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Product Description

Minghua Spline shaft for grain harvester is hot sales in agriculture machines.

Because it facilitates the power transfer from the engine to the cutting and harvester components, a spline shaft is an essential component of a grain harvester. To transfer high torque stresses, the spline shaft's ridges and grooves mesh with those of other shafts or pieces of machinery.

Data Spline Shaft for Grain Harvester

Shaft length


Shaft material

C45 steel, 42CrMo, 20CrMnTi, 20CrNoMi…etc.

Shaft process

Forging, turning, spline hobbing, heat treatment, grinding, cleaning, packing.

Heat treatment process

Quenching and tempering, induction, carburization, gas nitriding,…etc.

Shaft application

Grain harvester, corn harvester, differential axle shaft, rotary cutter gearbox…etc.


Durable strength wooden box for export.

Feature Spline Shaft for Grain Harvester

Spline count: The number of teeth on the shaft is referred to as the spline count, which is an important characteristic for spline shafts. This number needs to line up with the matching part in order to guarantee proper torque transfer and meshing.

Material: Steel, alloy steel, or cast iron are the most common materials for spline shafts used in grain harvesters. These materials are selected for their strength, longevity, and resistance to corrosion and wear.

Profile: Spline shafts can have an involute or parallel profile. The torque transmission and operating speed needed for the harvester will determine which profile is best.

Details Spline Shaft for Grain Harvester

Length: The length of a spline shaft for a grain harvester will vary depending on the specific model and requirements. The spline shaft must be the correct length to provide proper alignment between components and prevent damage to the machine.

Spline count: The spline count of a spline shaft is the number of ridges or teeth on the shaft. The spline count will depend on the specific requirements of the harvester and the components that the shaft will be meshing with.

Construction: Spline shafts for grain harvesters are typically made of steel, alloy steel, or cast iron, offering high strength, durability, and ability to withstand wear or corrosion.

Diameter: The diameter of a spline shaft can vary depending on the machine's horsepower and the torque requirements. A larger diameter spline shaft may be necessary to handle higher torque loads.

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