Minghua Gear organizes physical examinations for new employees


On March 23, 2024, Minghua Gear arranged

for more than 80 new employees of the company to attend unified physical

examinations. In order to make the examinations faster and more convenient,

the company contacted Wenling Orthopedic Hospital and moved the examination doctors

and equipment to the factory.

Starting from 8:30 in the morning, the

administrative staff of Minghua and medical staff from hospital have prepared

various tasks and arranged for relevant testing departments, 

including electrocardiogram, surgery, internal medicine, blood routine, chest X-ray,

occupational hazard factor examination, etc. New employees from various

workshops and departments queue up outside the corresponding departments for

inspection. Include workers from workshop gear hobbing, gear shaping, gear

shaving, spline broaching, casting CNC machining, gearbox assembly…etc.

At the same time, the company also prepared

a hearty breakfast for all employees who participated in the physical

examination, so that everyone could replenish their energy in a timely manner

after the examination.

The physical examination of new employees

has always been carried out by Minghua gear Company, 

which further reflects the company's people-oriented employment spirit

1.Putting people first

Through physical examinations, the company pays attention to the physical health of its

employees, reflecting care and respect for them. 

This is a concrete manifestation of the people-oriented management philosophy.

2.Pay attention to employee well-being

The physical health of employees is directly related to work efficiency and quality of life. 

New employee physical examination is a company's emphasis on employee well-being, 

aimed at early detection and prevention of diseases to ensure the physical and mental health of employees.

3. Pay attention to work quality

Healthy employees are better able to maintain good working conditions and efficiency.

New employee medical examinations are also aimed at ensuring that employees can

be fully engaged in their work at their best, thereby creating greater value

for the company.

4.Responsibility and undertaking

Through physical examinations, the company has also

demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility. 

Caring for employee health is not only a responsibility to employees, 

but also a reflection of its responsibility to society and the public.

5. Prevention and risk management: Physical

examinations help companies identify and manage potential health risks in

advance, prevent various work risks caused by employee health issues, 

and reflect the company's risk management awareness.

The physical examination of new employees

is a reflection of Minghua Gear Company's concern for employees, 

emphasis on work quality, social responsibility, and risk management, 

demonstrating the company's people-oriented, employee well-being,

and long-term development spirit.

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