A big breakthrough!


Minghua Gear company led industry innovation and showcased the latest products at the 2023 M-TECH exhibition in Osaka.

With the continuous progress of globalization and technology, the number of annual exhibition activities is increasing, providing a platform for professionals from all walks of life to exchange, learn, and showcase the latest technologies.

Against this backdrop, our company is honored to participate in the 2023 M-TECH exhibition in Osaka Japan and successfully showed our latest products to the public.

This exhibition was held in Osaka City from October 4th to October 6th, 2023, bringing together outstanding enterprises, professionals, and industry experts from around the world.

Our company show our leading position in the industry by showcasing some representative products widely used in the engineering machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, automotive industry, such as gear rings, gears, gear shafts, drive shafts, oil pump housings, hydraulic valve bodies, etc.

These products are highly innovative in design and functionality, reflecting the company's strength in research and development and technology.

Overall, this exhibition was a very successful experience.

Our company not only shows our latest products and technological capabilities to the public, but also takes this opportunity to have in-depth communication and learning with industry peers and customers.

This is of great significance for the future development of our company.

We believe that as long as we continue to innovate and improve product quality and service levels,We can achieve greater success in future market competition.

Thank you to all the friends who visited our booth.We look forward to seeing you again in the next exhibition!

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